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little girlyoung womanOil refineries were built across the river in sheer fifties' optimism. My parents, both family practitioners, were busy facilitating the postwar baby boom. No air pollution to speak of yet. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in a sleepy little fishing town near Rotterdam, 1957, when the local marching band came by our house and stopped for a short performance. Suddenly, there was a big bang: the drumhead broke and out rolled my parents' fifth child. This is how I came into this world, I was told.

adultI went through all the stages: dreaming of becoming a famous ballerina; fighting all the boys in the neighbourhood; sewing and knitting clothes; followed by the moping stage of adolescence. In 1975 I went to University. After one year of sciences in Leiden, I gave in to my passion: fine arts. During my studies at the Art Academy in Rotterdam (where Willem de Kooning studied), I travelled through Europe extensively, visiting all the art museums I could find. I volunteered for Amnesty International on the side, setting up a photoarchive, layouting and preparing publications. After I finished in 1980, I worked mainly as a serious painter. I had some successful exhibitions, and after two years it almost became profitable.

young coupleIn 1983 I married and moved to Amsterdam. In the following year our first child was born, and we decided I would be a full time mother. In the evenings I volunteered for the Dutch National Institute for the Blind, reading and recording books for their library. My partner was invited to work in Vancouver. We both loved Vancouver instantly. Our second child was born in 1986.

parentsIn search of new experience with the growing computer technology, I successfully completed a career program towards computer systems technologist. On the side I made portraits on commission. The vast beauty of the Canadian landscape had to find its way into my work. In Canada I rediscovered watercolours to portray Canadian landscapes. While creating watercolour landscapes, something very special happens.

parents with grown childrenHowever, working inside allows for reflection, imagination and the pursuit of other interests, such as the designs found in islamic mosaics, Persian carpets and Greek orthodox icons. In current work, I respond to landscape atmospheric impressions with emotion, finding motifs and rhythms that resonate the mystery and wonder I experience in my personal life. When I am not working in my studio, I practise playing my percussion instruments. Sometimes I get to play in drum arrangements; no surprise, considering how my life started.

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